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Fictional Battle Omniverse™© Is a owned community and business owned by User:Beyonder and his Co-Founders User:Molecule Man and User:TheOmnipotentOne.



ALL Logos and Created Sites of all sources by FBO are copyrighted and trademark of the community and businesses given We have the right to any said false given forums/Wikipedias that say they are part of us failure to hand over rights will be turned into a lawsuit.


Our links are official if a site is not listed then it's not part of our official creation reporting any fake sites will by staff only no members/contributors may report such cases.


ALL images are already given under the CC-BY-SA License some images but not all are owned by FBO nor we encourage theft of given images. All images owned by Marvel,Dc,Image Comics,Funimation and other companies are copyrighted by their respected organization's we do not condone plagiarism of images this means sites such as Manga Panda,Manga Search,Manga Eden and other manga fan-translated organization's are not reliable here at FBO as they are corrupted by watermarks and are unofficial work by the respected authors of the given manga.


All discussion's will be held on the FBO forumotion and or Proboards websites as we dont want useless debates on the pages.

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